Aulina Batts

28016836887_a79ffa4d0a_m The lily pond was my first experience in a different  habitat  as well touching and feeling different species in the wild. It was something that a lot of people wouldn’t try by looking at the water and thinking that it has alligators or poor quality. But once you step into the water can feel the roots or plant under your boots that go up your legs to ” help” with keeping the water out. But water does get in your boots. The best was fishing with the net with Tyler. We caught fishes and tadpoles. The weirdest thing was getting a mosquito fish in my boot well releasing them back into the pond which is a good feeling putting thing or organisms back into a places they call home.

29013640558_79ae4c9177_kThe finding a beautiful flower that you can buy in stores are different from finding them in their natural habitat. The name lily pond is not just called that but the lilies grow there. Once again seeing them in their natural habitat shows the amazing things that the Earth has to show, the flowers do so many things. They produce oxygen and homes in this habitat. All in All it was an eye opening experience and I would do it again for hours because being in a natural place is a great feeling. I think people should see the earth as a place of beauty instead of materials just to put a couple gallons of gas.


Learning about trees is probably something people wouldn’t want to learn about because they would think OK trees they produce oxygen from carbon dioxide and the sun and we can make paper and pencils out of it. Well we learned how to maintain and take care of  forest and the different kinds of trees. All the things trees that help make is a list that you wouldn’t think trees would be made out of like diapers and baby food etc. Trees are a renewable source if we take care of them the right way, and having a renewable source in this time is a good thing. But history is a big part of this world and the time of growth. Trees help tell you history in the rings of a trees can telling you the history and how old the tree is, so have something that has been there since the american revolution is amazing and once again shows how beautiful the Earth truly is and that we should care because it could be gone by the way we are treating now and change is starting with us and Sturgeon City is teaching me to take care  of this world that I love so much.


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