Colin Davis

This week we did many things including trying new things, learning skills, and making new friends. On the first day we went to the Lily Pond at the Land Application Center, and tested it’s water. This was a really cool experience because we were able to actually go in with waders, and catch different organisms.35411417215_4aab422a0d_h

We also went to the pine forest where we learned about the various tree species of North Carolina, and how dependent we are of them. This was a really good experience because we learned the various tools and equipment used to find the age, and height of the trees. Most of my group (Earth) was shocked to learn how fire dependent some of these trees are.


On the second day we visited the Onslow Beach on Camp Lejeune, and the Inter-Coastal Waterway. At the beach we explored the inter-tidal region,m and learned how hard it is to live their from an ever-changing environment. At the Inter-Coastal Waterway we explored the different organisms, and learned about them which was a proud moment for most people knowing they could catch shrimp.

35431807905_29acc5169f_m          27213198583_cc8702f9d7_z

On the third day we meandered into the Salt Marsh, and learned about animals in the reptile room. In the Salt MArsh we caught some really cool organisms with our nets including eel, blue crab, and flounder. In the reptile room we learned the difference between poison and venom,m and the difference between a venomous snake, and a non-venomous snake. It was also very cool getting to hold a baby crocodile.

34611728404_ddf3ffdad4_k     35066496090_76eff01cf1_h

On the fourth day we went canoeing, and on a boat ride. Canoeing was super fun, and was very cool considering we saw an alligator while we were in the canoe on my first time. On the boat ride we tested water at two locations and two depths. We also looked at the different habitats in Wilson Bay.


On the fifth day was our graduation. Our group gave a presentation on water quality. It was such blessing to be part of such a great program which provided me with one of a lifetime opportunities. The best part was that I got to make new friends, and be with new people everyday.



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